Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yukon Cornelius pays a visit by way of Ohio

I love opening our rural route mailbox to find a padded envelope inside! The one I found most recently came from Duane in Howard, Ohio.

As I looked through the cards, a song from long ago and far away began to fill my internal music box.... "Silver and gold... Silver and gold..." It was Yukon Cornelius, who had finally struck it rich in the form of shiny baseball cards!

We start off with Score Gold Rush cards! The Treadway with Yount is especially cool. I have no idea why a card photographer would choose Espinoza's pose to begin with, let alone adorn said pose in gold, but there it is. There is also a Topps Gold Mike Aldrete in there too! Then on the 'silver' (as in Chrome) side, we have a selection of Topps Chrome Tribers! I am a huge fan of Topps Chrome. And to top it off, we've got Nagy, Franco, McDowell, and Mesa! Not a bad combo in silver. And if THAT weren't enough, Duane sent cards with silver AND gold on them! They are Bowman's Best Wright, Bell, and Fryman!

But that's not all, boys and girls! How about Sportflics, stickers and a 1992 Donruss MVP Alomar Jr!!

There's also a king-sized Farrell and another Topps sticker, too:

And last, but no where near least is an actual PANEL from Kraft Cheese and Macaroni from the days when it was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! This one not only features the great Joe Carter, but right next to him is Pete Rose! And the panel itself is in tact, which is ultra-cool! You'll notice that even the glue strip that held the box together is there - no trimming that down, folks!

Man, I have to give a BIG "Thank You" to Duane for some kickin' Indians cards! Oh, and for giving me a song that is playing over and over in my head because I can't get it out now.... It's worth it.


  1. Even I had to look up Howard, never heard of it ! When I found it, it was just a little dot like New London. No wonder , no one ever knows where it is either! I understand the gold now, Howard is down in the hills of Ohio. That WAS a nice batch of nuggets Duane panned for you!

  2. I ain't no hillbilly! I am down here at Grassydell Farms. I am just a simple dairy farmer who collects cards. I wonder how many baseball card collecting dairy farmers who have a wantlist blog are out there?
    I really had no idea that the gold and silver came out like that. The Aldrete was the only gold card I had from 91 and I figured it lonely and needed a good home, it was either to you or Dan, but you sent me that box of BLUE so I went with you--give him a good home! Dan got some other goodies. I actually have some of the Kraft with whole empties, some with just the top and bottom cut off.... we keep things intact out here in the country(we have about 700 acres--plenty of storage room!). I have about 40 of the 48 cards---but I doubt that I would ever find the ones that I need and I saw that on your want list and figured you would give it a good home. That was my only Rose and Carter from that set so take good care of it.
    Of course I always worry that my cards will smell like cow.
    I didn't even think Howard was a dot on the map, I guess we are a movin' on up to the big time!


  3. Well, if they smell like cow, I'll never know. I happen to live on a farm in Arkansas with cows being the only threat of stealing my wireless signal. :-)