Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free cards mailout update

I am sure I have said this before, but I am not really all that organized. I am trying, but it is kinda hit or miss at best. Thus, I feel the need to give a status update on the free cards giveaways. Mainly to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone!

I sent out another large batch of cards on Friday and I still have one more batch to go. I think the best way to do this is to list the folks that I believe I've sent cards to and then folks that will be getting cards soon. Please be sure to check the "not sent" and the "Not Sure" lists, too. If I have you on one of those last two lists, but you have received your cards, please drop me a line. Also, some of you on the "already sent" list are ones that were mailed out on Friday, so you won't have them yet but you know they are coming!

I want to thank EVERYONE on the list for taking part in my housekeeping efforts!!

Of course, if you would like a "surprise" pack, feel free to drop me a line (use ARE YOU CRAZY!? as the subject, even if you've already received cards!)

Cards already sent (or so I believe!):
MDA - Diamondbacks
Thorzul - 'unsolicited' cards
Dayf - 'unsolicited' cards
Jasnbit - Cubs/Twins/Surprise
RickeyHendersonCollectibles - A's
TasteLikeDirt - A's
NightOwl - Dodgers/Surprise
JackPlumstead - Red Sox
TraderCracks - Expos
Greg M - Phillies/2008 A&G Minis/Extras
Justin B - Surprise (new collector bonus - ha!)
Jon M - A's
Bo R - Yankees
Larry B Jr - Cubs/Trailblazers
Don S - A's/Expos/Tigers
Adam E - Red Sox
Kevin B - Orioles/Surprise
Jon D - Expos
Ed S - Orioles/Vintage
Joe C - Reds/Angels
Kevin M - Cardinals/Yankees/Surprise/Mariners/Rockies/Rays
Paul E - Phillies
ChucksUsedCards - Hockey
Arfmax - Minors
Matt M - Basketball/Tigers
Ben K - Braves
Duane G - Blue Jays
JC H - Orioles
Lo M - Yankees/Padres
Bay Rat North West - Rockies
Sooz - Yankees/Jeter
Casey B - Broncos
Rod R - Padres
PunkRockPaint - Padres
Mario - 'unsolicited' cards
Infamous Tatiana - 'unsolicited' cards
DingedCorners - 'unsolicited' cards

Cards yet to be sent:
Jasnbit - Whitesox/Brewers
Eric S - Indians
Andrew K - Indians
Tim H - Expos/Steelers/Indians
BaseballDad - Astros/Surprise
Jeremy N - White Sox
Billy S - Surprise
Harrison L - Rays/Giants
Don S - Surprise
Steve P - Cubs/Rays
Kevin M - Surprise
Mark M - Mets
Chris M - Phillies
Sam R - Twins/Rays/DBacks

Cards I'm not sure about:
ChucksUsedCards - Red Sox
Captain Canuck - Football
Casey B - Surprise/Vintage

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