Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tribe or No Tribe in pictures

Since my original post for TonT disappeared into the ether of a hard drive gone bad, I decided to pull the scans out of the backup file and post them here in no particular order. Of course, I couldn't post them without SOME comment, so enjoy the show:

In each cereal box of Topps, there's a 'bonus' pack of one chrome legends card. The scan does not come anywhere close to giving this card justice. In my case, I found Ted Williams:

Here a 3-on-card featuring Cliff Lee!

I also received a "Legends of the Game" Mickey Mantle in a very badly colorized photo. He looks like he is about to pull something out of his back pocket but needed to give his biddy a little 'hey there' wave:

The ToppsTown card in the box was Longoria. I haven't entered the code yet, but I'm sure it will unlock some super-secret-special-stuff:

another Lee card in the pack. It would figure that the one time I decide to bust out the Tribe-or-no-Tribe game I get several Tribers in the pack:

I'm curious: Is being named "Jones" a prerequisite for playing on the Braves? Well, either way, I had several TRAP cards in the cereal box:

Here is another Indians player from the box! Awesome:

I thought this was a great photo! I love pictures taken just before the bat and ball meet each other:

Here is the Anderson 'don't call it a Topps Turkey Red' card:

Torre is sporting shades and Dodger blue as he heads to the mound:

How could I not include a guy fully decked out in catcher's gear? Thiss one's for the girls at Dinged Corners:

And, here is another catcher for the girls!

Ah, here's a trap card from Atlanta that is not a Jones, though Johnson is close...

I thought the juxtaposition of the pitcher and the yellow home run pole was very cool. I'm sure the photographer pumped his fist after this shot:

Conor is catching himself some Topps!

Hairston brings in another trap card - Cincy cards are traps in TonT, remember?

This is one of my favorite 2009 photos I've seen. The greens all work together with a great action shot to make one gorgeous ball card:

If memory serves, the overall score for the 55-card box was 21 points. Not too shabby, and a lot of fun!

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  1. You did get some nice Tribe cards there ! Torre just doesn't look right in Dodger gear, but he's probably a lot happier out there. And the Mets catcher ,I wouldn't want to be the one barreling in on him at home plate unless I was the size of Frank Thomas !