Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am the antigoat?

My original intention was to post a rather lengthy (and perhaps a tad witty) "Tribe or No Tribe" entry based on today's purchase of a Babe Ruth 'cereal box' from Wal-Mart.

In an act of not following my own advice, I did not save the notepad document I had typed everything in. Why not? Oh, because I can always come back to the document and save it after I scan some photos. Go ahead, call me stupid, I did.

I'm sure you guessed by now - my computer has wigged out completely. Luckily I have a webtop notebook I can work from, but my post was lost in the aftermath. why? Because i did not SAVE first.... OY!

I do plan on posting the scans. After all, I pulled several Indians and several 'traps' as well. Not to mention some very cool '09 Topps in general.

So, why post anything at all? Because, in June, a colleague and I are going to Chicago for some SharePoint training. At the end of that same week, the Indians are playing the Cubs at Wrigley!! Though I have been to ChiTown, I have never darkened the doors of Wrigley (the Cubs were out of town and they were not doing tours). The plan is spend the day after our training is done watching the Indians beat the Cubs. The guy I'm taking the class with is an AVID Cubs fan. Should be fun no matter what happens!

He is taking me along for good luck, basically. You see, the last time I went to Chicago, my family and I had taken a vacation. We went to see the White Sox play. That year, the White Sox won the series. The next baseball game we went to, we went to see the Cardinals just AFTER they had won the year before. Now, we did go to a Rangers/Indians match-up last year, but that was late August and way too late for the Rangers. See, my colleague is convinced that I am.... the Antigoat. Yes, like antidote.

To be honest, I feel a bit like Eddie Murphy in "The Golden Child" - I-I-I-I want the kn-kn-knife... Something like that. By then end of the game, I'll be chanting, "I am looking for Tommy Tong" while making wild hand gestures. And that's without drinking any beer.

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  1. I've seen the I-i-i-i- want the kniiiife... Pleeeeeeaaaase... bit probably two dozen times and it still cracks me up.

    If you are truly the Anti-Goat, then going to a Cubs-Tribe game will guarantee an Indians World Championship in '09 'cause the Cubs aren't winning anything. You might have jinxed it with the Rangers trip though.

    The one game I saw at Arlington was against the Yankees and they won the series that year. the next Yankee game I saw was game one of the '99 series at Turner Field. Maybe I'm the Yankees Anti-Goat!