Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updated Want/Owned Lists

I finally had time today to update my 'want/owned' lists. In an effort to make things a little more manageable, I broke the Owned list into several lists. I have discovered that a lot of traders prefer to look over the 'owned' items to see what I'm missing as opposed to seeing what I've been able to mark in my database as 'want' cards.

Truth be told, that is probably the best way to go with me. Mainly because the way TheCardCollector works. I don't always know just what cards I actually "need" unless I happen to mark them as "want" cards.

The main problem with not updating more often is that when I generate my lists, I forget which layout, etc I select. Yeah, I could create a custom report and save it, but that would make way too much sense!

Another problem with not updating is that great traders get "burned" in a way. How? well, if you send me a bunch of cards based on my lists and my lists are outdated, there is a chance that I have received the card(s) in between updates. I just hope folks don't quit sending cards!

You don't have to have been reading along for long to know that I love getting Indians cards, whether I've already got them or not! And, I truly appreciate the hard work I know some of you put into searching my lists for cards I want or don't own. It is not easy to do, and I thank you for going through all that for me.

Even though I have updated the lists today, I have a couple small boxes to go through, and thanks to Andrew, I have one BIG box to go through! His note reads, "I went by your 'have' list and none of these were on it.... Hopefully you can add most of these to your collection!" Judging by the sheer number of cards you sent, I would say the odds are in your favor!! Thank you! I will be posting pictures soon!

And, I will try to keep my lists updated more frequently!

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