Thursday, April 2, 2009

1942 AP Wire Photo Ted Sczepkowski

While I am working on the "Double Visionaries" set, I thought I would continue posting some of the more unique items in my collection.

What you see here is a 1942 AP Wire Photo and corresponding caption featuring Ted Sczepkowski. Yeah, I can't say it either... I think you can read most of the text if you click on the pictures, but I'll retype it to save you the trouble of having to go through all that. The photo is the glossy original. It reads:
(BA1) BALTIMORE, AUG 14 -- PURCHASED BY CLEVELAND INDIANS -- The purchase by the Cleveland American League club of first baseman Eddie Robinson, left, and second baseman Ted Sczepkowski, right, from the Baltimore Orioles of the International League was announced in Cleveland today by Indian officials. (AP WIREPHOTO) (OS6846ES) 1942

Evidently, this was a two-photo print and the Robinson has found its home somewhere else in the world.

The back of the glossy photo features a newspaper clipping of the same photo. On the back of the glossy photo, you can see where it is stamped "RECEIVED EXAMINER REFERENCE LIBRARY - AUG 24, 1942" The photo is also stamped with that date, and features sevral red pencil markings. The caption reads:
IN BIG SHOW - Ted Sczepkowski was one of two players purchased by Cleveland's Indians from Baltimore's Orioles. He is a second baseman.

Short and to the point. Speaking of short and getting to the point, he had a 3 season career that began with a .100 batting average in '42, then presumably he was sent off to war for 43-45, and returned in '46 to continue playing. He batted .500 in 8 at-bats in '46 then in '47, he fell back to .100 in the same number of plate appearances. Later that same year, he was sold to the Yankees.

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