Sunday, March 29, 2009

One strange little wagon

While sitting at my computer this afternoon, comparing stacks of cards against my database, my daughter came in to see what I was doing. I happened to have a few web sites open in order to pin down a couple cards that were not showing up in my database. I explained that sometimes I had to search online or in my "big books" (the card almanacs) to see just what kind of card certain cards are.

I then switched back over to the database and started adding cards I had already posted about but had not actually put into the database (the cards from Duane, for example). As I did this, my daughter asked what I was doing now. I explained that some cards were already marked as "Want" in the database (and showed her), and that when I entered the cards, I put a "1" in the 'owned' section.

"Well, how does the computer know what you need?" she asked.

"Because I went through ALL my cards and told the computer which ones I already have," I answered, making a grand circling hand gesture in the general direction of my 3-ring binders.

"Ohhhh..." she said, adding this as she patted me on the back: "You are one strange little wagon."

And then she walked off...


  1. Excellent phrase, I may borrow it.

  2. daughters have a way of putting us in our place dont they ?

  3. I haven't been compared to a wagon. But I'm sure it's coming.

  4. Ever since "Cars," my daughter loves to use that phrase. Unfortunately, I am an easy target...