Saturday, March 7, 2009

An update to the update and then I'll shut up about it

As of Saturday, March 7, 2009, at about 8:30pm CST, I believe 99.99% of all the requests have been fulfilled!

I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to have all those cards (and more to the point the boxes those cards were in!) gone from the home office! Thank you all so much for helping me out with this!

I have learned a few things while going through this process, and I thought I'd share. Why? Heck, I dunno.

First, despite my eternal belief that the Indians are the 'farm team' to the MLB, I have discovered through sifting among tens of thousands of baseball cards that actually, there are a TON of players that have played for many different teams.

Second, baseball is not quite the 'family' team sport I had always imagined in my head. In truth, referring back to my first point, a TON of players have played for many different teams. It blew me away to see players on teams I didn't know they played for. And, of course I had an example in my head before I started typing and wouldn't you know it has left the space between my ears completely. All I do know is that it was a pitcher on the Astros that I didn't know played for the Astros ever. I looked through the all-time Astros roster and nothing jumped out at me. Man, I must be getting old or tired or both.

Third, some of the team-only oddball sets are very cool. I happened to have several White Sox cards from Dannon (I assume Yogurt). They are very cool looking. Dannon produced them in honor of the Sox 90th Anniversary of the 1906 World Series win:

Fourth, which should probably be listed as Number 1, is the patience I have seen exhibited in the card-trading blogging community. I have two people that had emailed TWICE with requests, and both times I managed to miss them in my giveaways. Each time, though, those folks have given me the nod and let me get things right. So far as I know, they haven't slammed me for my oversight. And, there is still one person who requested cards and I cannot find the email to save my life. If you happen to be reading this, you'll know I'm talking about you because your screenname is in reference to a beloved pet that passed away... Please shoot me another email and I'll get ya fixed up!

Finally, I really should make use of the technology I have access to. Even though I am in IT and work with amazing applications like SharePoint everyday, I somehow would rather keep all my notes with a pen and paper. This, of course, is how the oversights came to be in the first place! Heh-heh, one day... one day...

So, now I'll shut up about this particular giveaway. Er, almost. I've had a couple folks ask me about the choice to use Priority Shipping. The main reason: It is cheaper to do that than it is to drive to the not-so-local card shop for card boxes. :-) And, yeah, I've bought from BWC many times, but the main goal here was to get the cards out as soon as possible! Talk about your hot-moving inventory!

Stick a fork in me.


  1. I never saw what the Dannon White Sox cards looked like before. Very cool!

  2. I haven't received my cards yet.From your last post I'd say they are probably in the office photo above , which is fine,I'm in no hurry. I just want to thank you now for your Herculean effort and amazing generosity !!