Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A quick note

I am man enough to admit when I set certain goals a tad loftier than realistically possible. Such is the case with the Uniform Numbers saga. I originally planned to try and post a new number every day, but as I am trying to be as thorough as possible, it is taking longer than a day (with work, wife, kids, life, etc) to get these up and going.

Don't fret, though! I am on the case and I will keep posting them as I complete each of the jersey numbers. Meanwhile, between jersey posts, I'll still be posting scans of cards, working on the final "12 days" pack, and offering general Tribe-related insights! It's all good!

Speaking of Tribe-related insights, I noticed there is a LOT of discussion as what to call Progressive Field's new nickname. Some people suggested "The Prog" or "The Sive" but, really, that's just not right. I also read that "Progressive Park" was already copyrighted/trademarked, and that is why it had to stay Progressive FIELD - in case you are ever on "1 vs 100" and that's the question that comes up... My favorite suggestion thus far, though? "The Field Formerly Known as Jacobs" heh-heh, there are some twisted Tribe fans out there!

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  1. David

    You are doing a great job!!
    Can't wait to see all uniform numbers post.
    Baseball cardman