Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another padded envelope!

Bart (baseballcardman) sent me a padded envelope of Indians cards as a "thank you" for his "12 Days Gift Pack." There were about 50 cards in there (some which appear above!) and included gems like the "2000 ALL-UD" Roberto Alomar, several 2001 Topps Heritage, more than a handful of Topps 1986, 2004 Donruss Studio Jody Gerut, 2002 Fleer Flair Sabathia!, a couple Topps Chrome, Fleer Genuine, Larry Doby Greats of the Game, Bowman, US Playing Card Company (I had to include Jones tossing a 'flaming ball' in the photo above!), Fleer Impact, and more! A wonderful surprise! The only card I am scratching my head over is a 1989 "Interpretive Marketing Products" "Baseball Wit" card of Boog Powell. The card has a "Little League Baseball" logo in the upper right corner. I do not believe I have ever seen this make and model of card before. Now, all you fellow Tribers are shouting "because Boog was a TRIBER, you fool!" about now, which I am well aware of, but this one features him in an Orioles cap. Yes, I know he played for Baltimore before coming to Cleveland, and I'm going to guess he was included because he was a Triber. I just don't get many ex-Indians in other unis, so I had to think it through... LOL!

Whatever the reason, I send out a huge THANK YOU to The BaseballCardMan for this cool selection of Indians cards.


  1. Boy, David you were scratching your head. I had to figure out how the Boog Powell card got in there too! I was just so excited about the cards you sent me in the Christmas pack 12 Days give away, that I wanted to give you a card you didn't already have. You see my wife got the cards in the mail on Christmas Eve and she didn't tell me and she wrapped them up and put them under the tree.So I opened the Twelve Days of Christmas Cards you sent me on Christmas Day. I was so excited! So, I immediately started searching through all my cards and I found that Boog Powell and I said, "Darnit he is with the Orioles. Can't send that!" And i set the card aside. So, I guess when I picked up the cards I got seperated you and packaged them I wasn't paying attention and I sent the Boog Powell card anyway.

  2. That was a very cool thing for your wife to do!! ROTFL on the Boog card!!