Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cards for Christmas

Joey, over at Cincy Reds cards (Sorry about that Joe! I have fixed this to reflect the correct Joe!), sent me the cards you see here! There are two 2005 Donruss "The Rookies" Press Proofs (Gomez, Ochoa), one 2005 Donruss "The Rookies, (Ochoa)" and a 2002 UD Ovation Diamond Futures Jersey card (Branyan)!

The jersey card was a huge surprise, even for Joey, who let me know that he did not realize the card had been sandwiched between the others until he was getting ready to send them off! Thank you very much! If you're a regular visitor, you know one of the first things I do is look at the back of a game-used to see if there is the obligatory "congrats" or if there is other bio-related info. This card? Just the "congrats," but the swatch itself is a very nice-sized item, and I like the design of the card, too! You see Russ in mid-stride along side his jersey piece. And, the bio-related info actually shows up on the left edge of the front of the card. I just noticed the back also features the CEO's mailing address. Maybe if I send him a letter, he'll send me a freebie... I'll keep you posted.

As for the Donruss cards, the Ochoa Press Proof is serially numbered 044/200 and the Gomez is 092/200. Ochoa was one of those guys that I thought was going to come in and fit well with the Tribe. Unfortunately, he never made it out of the minor system to do any good, so the Indians gave him to the Giants. We'll see if the Giants give him a shot in the Bigs... Gomez, on the other hand, has spent too many seasons being injured to be of any use. He could be a high-ranking prospect for the Bigs, if he would just stay healthy enough to actually play....

I needed all of these for my collection!

I also received a padded envelope full of cards and oddballs. Some of them are shown above, but I couldn't get them all scanned in for your viewing pleasure... Some of the items are in my collection, but the majority of them are new to me! The Joey (Albert) Belle and its counterpart (Luis Medina) are large vinyl stickers/decals with no other markings. I'm going to have fun researching those two items! Half the fun of collecting is discovering new items. There are also a slew of Score SuperStar cards, a few Studio cards, two '74 Topps Traded, Casey Blake A&G Mini, and a UD Paul Sorrento Gold sig.

I got a serious oddball fix in this package as well! A couple Dover reprints that look like mini PlayBalls/Goudeys, a Greg Swindell Topps coin/card, a "Fun Stuff" card that appears to be Albert Belle, though I am not 100% sure of that yet, and a UD Masterpiece Bill Clinton throwing out the first pitch at the Jake. I know, that's not really an oddball card, but how can you possibly NOT put anything with Slick Willie on it in the oddball category!? :-)

I threw the mailer away before I posted this, so I cannot remember who sent it to me. So, thank you for sending me the great cards! And, if you remind me who you are, I'll be sure to thank you on here properly! ((Update: Mosley!) moseby, mosley, maybe?)


  1. It was me, Mosley. Lots of the kids I teach call me Moseby though. I can tell you what I know about the big stickers. They were originally 4 to a sheet and contained mostly young players. It must have been '89 or '90. As for the Albert Belle looking card. I got a few packs of those in one of those 4 packs + 100 cards boxes. You are supposed to read the mystery interview and figure out who the player is. My favorite one is the Johnny Bench where he has painted his bald head with Krylon? paint!

  2. It was me, Joe, from Cincy Reds cards who sent the Donruss and Ovation cards. You're welcome.