Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Update

Well, some of you may be wondering what happened after my last post, so just to fill you in: New Year's Eve came up quicker than I thought it would and on New Year's Day, I took my wife to the hospital for gall bladder surgery! Holy cow!

Have no fear, though, I will be assembling the remaining Gift Packs and I have some pretty cool cards I got from Joey not long ago, and I'll be posting those, too!

Ah, and I was "gently" reminded that I also received the "Major League" trilogy, "Fear Strikes Out" movie and a Pittsburgh Steelers Rubic's Cube in my "haul" of sports-related Christmas goodies!

Hope everyone is having a great New Year!! We're having one we won't soon forget!

1 comment:

  1. David,
    Sorry, to hear your wife has been ill. I Hope she gets well soon. Have you receiverd the Indian cards I sent you?