Friday, January 11, 2008

A sad, sad day in Indians history...

Today, the Indians joined the ever-growing number of sell-outs. They announced that for a mere $3.6 million per year, Progressive Insurance can kick Jake out of the park:

The Cleveland Indians announced today that their ballpark, currently known as Jacobs Field, will become Progressive Field. Progressive, a leading car, motorcycle and commercial auto insurer, has partnered with the Indians on a 16-year deal for the naming rights to the ballpark and will also become the Official Auto Insurer of the Cleveland Indians.

Progressive President and CEO Glenn Renwick said: "This is a story about two Cleveland-based organizations making a long-term commitment to the city, the fans and our people."

Progressive's payments to the Indians over the 16-year term of the agreement will average approximately $3.6 million annually.


  1. I don't like this sponsoring either. I am afraid that at some point all the stadiums will have name sponsors.

    Could you imagine Velveeta Field instead of Lambeau?? How about instead of Wrigley it was Hillshire Farms Sausage Field?

  2. I don't like this trend either, but if it has to be done, I like the way the White Sox did it.

    They made sure the company they sold the naming rights to was from Chicago and they used the money from the deal to make improvements to the park.

    The improvements could be seen almost immediately. It now resembles less of a "ball mall" and more of a unique warm atmosphere.

    BTW, from the way things are sounding around Chicago, Wrigley Field will be added to the list of former ballpark names.

  3. I'm heading to the Prog just isn't the same as heading to the Jake.

  4. Yeah, I understand the Cubs are getting a new field... You know, they could get WRIGLEY'S (gum) to sponsor it, and it wouldn't have to change names!

    Just as in Chi-town, I like what Pittsburgh did - same thing - local companies - Heinz Field is a great name with a great sponsor!

    When I mentioned the Progessive sponsorship to my wife, she asked if it was the soup company!! LOL!!

  5. How great is this! Another Mistake by the Lake!