Friday, January 11, 2008

Ho-ho-ho! Three more gifts packs are due to go!

I have to say that I am amazed at how many folks requested Braves and Yankees cards from the "12 Days" giveaway. The only "down" side is that I have to invent some 'creative' ways to fill 12 days (Yes, I believe I am channelling Dr. Seuss this morning!). However, I can say that the recipients will (hopefully) not be disappointed in the selection of cards they get! In any case, I completed 3 more gift packs:

To Lo in NY, who requested Yankees and Cardinals, tribecards gave away: twelve Yankee catchers, eleven random Yankees, ten Ray Lankford, nine Ozzie Smith, eight Mark McGwire, seven Matt Morris, six vintage Cardinals, FIVE FERNANDO TATISeseses, four Don Mattingly, three Wade Boggs, two Derek Jeters, and a Hank Bauer Lends of NY card!

To Chris in NC, an avid Phillies phan, Tribe cards gave away: tweleve Darren Daulton, eleven vintage/HOFers, ten Lieberthals, nine Lenny Dykstra, eight John Kruk, seven rookie/prospects, six Mike Schmidt, FIVE DALE MURPHY CARDS, four Pat Burrells, three Steve Carltons, two Luzinski cards, and a Ryan Howard Generation Now!

And, to David, who also lives in NC and collects Yankees, Tribecards sent to him: twelve Yankee pitchers, eleven shortstops, ten outfielders, nine third basemen, eight first base guys, seven Dave Winfields, six designated hitters, FIVE MICKEY MANTLES, four Dave Righettis, three Jorge Posadas, two Carl Everetts, and a Joe Neikro Yankees Classic card!

I have two or three requests left to fill, so if you made your request and got my reply, then don't worry, your will be on its way shortly! :-) Until then, Happy Collecting!

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