Thursday, January 24, 2008

Indians Uniform Number - 2 Luke Sewell

Picking the All-Time player in a #2 uniform was tough. If Peralta, who once said that every other "Johnny" spelled THEIR names incorrectly, can keep posting numbers like he has, I have a feeling he may very well earn his way to the top of the list. I know there will be people who are going to disagree with my choice, regardless of which player I select, but I have to give the nod to Luke Sewell. Here, we have a player who ended his first season as a .000 and stayed around long enough to have a great stolen base record, incredible strikeout (or lack thereof) record, and play 20 seasons as an ACTIVE catcher (and we all know stories of catchers burning out knees, etc). (Read Uniform 2, Part 1) (Read Uniform 2, Part 2)

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