Thursday, January 10, 2008

12 Days and All-Time Uniform Numbers

Today's 12 Days gift pack goes to Kevin in Maryland, who requested Orioles, Ravens and pre-1986 Topps. Hopefully, his package covers all the (er, uh) bases: 12 Vintage Topps cards, 11 Ripken Juniors, 10 Oriole Rookie/Prospects, 9 Ray Lewis cards, 8 first basemen, 7 Shannon Sharpes, 6 Jermaine Lewis, FIVE BRADY ANDERSONS, 4 Melvin Mora, 3 Hairston Juniors, 2 Priest Holmes, and a Cal Ripken Classic Phone Card!

Taking a cue from White Sox Cards, I am going to start up an Indians version of "All-Time Tribers" based on the uniform number. That is, who I think "best" represents the jersey number from 00 to 99 (Yes, we have a double zero in our midst). I'll be starting that up this weekend, and post a new name, number, and card pic at least once a day (if not more often). I think it'll be lots of fun!

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