Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1998 Pacific Aurora Cubes

I have no idea how I acquired this particular item. If you are not familiar with it, it is a cube which comes pre-assembled. Yes, it is already put together (or the one I have was anyway), so it is impossible (or close enough to it) to store it with the other cards in my binders. I am going to have to buy something to keep it in, or use a card storage box to keep my card "box" in... Yeesh... On the plus side, though, it makes for a very cool conversation piece! It features several different poses of the player, a list of recent stats, bio info, a little player blurb, and the card number with copyright info. I know very little about the set, so I do not know if they came pre-assembled or if I am one of the "lucky" people who received a card that was put together then glued for the posterity of it all... I think it has a nice mix of action shots and posed stills. It is colorful with just enough foil to keep your attention without being too gaudy (close though).

If you collect and you don't have any of these, I recommend grabbing some from eBay or Beckett. Your collection will thank you! :-)

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