Sunday, October 28, 2007

2007 Goudey Game-Used

I got home the other day, and when I checked the mail, I had a padded envelope waiting on me... That's as close to Christmas and birthdays as it gets... :-) I had forgotten about even having cards out there that I had ordered, except for the McDowell mini-poster, and I knew enough time hadn't passed for that to arrive yet. So when I opened the envelope, I felt like Sid in "Toy Story:" "It Came! It finally came!" It was the 2007 Goudey Grady Sizemore Game-used card. I don't know why I was so jubilant about getting this card, other than it seems like I had paid for it some time ago, and here it was. As you are most likely aware by now (assuming you have been reading along), I love the Goudeys and to get a Triber such as Sizemore in a game-used version (green back) is very cool.

I think my only complaint about the card is the blurb on the back: "...on the front of this card is a piece of memorabilia ... used in an official (MLB) game." So, what's the complaint? It is generic. I could have a bat, a ball, a jersey, pants, or even a friggin jock strap on there for all I know. Come on, man, spend the few extra cents and make a custom back for each KIND of G-U material being featured, ya know? Oh well, I suppose that is one of the many reasons I do not (yet) head up a card company...

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