Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2007 A&G Trot Nixon G-U Bat

When I checked the mail yesterday, the empty box reminded me it was Columbus Day on Monday. Whoop-dee-doo... So, when I opened the mailbox today (Tuesday), I was glad to see a familiar manilla padded envelope with my name on it. Of course, I couldn't remember what I had bought recently, so opening it was a lot like Christmas. Sure enough, I pull out a 2007 Allen and Ginter's Trot Nixon Game-Used bat card. Very nice, especially with the post-season play he has had so far! :-)

The card itself is in that weird floral and gold border that is too big for the mini card inside. I am not a fan of this design at all. Why did Topps leave "floating space" around the card? Are we supposed to keep the card in this "protector?" Well, I do, but mainly because it helps the card fit into my pocket pages better.. :-)

The bat itself is exposed through a window in the mini card which is (somewhat) aligned to a window in the framed protector. The bat is not glued or attached to the card at all, and slides freely in the provided space on the mini card.

I like that Nixon has the bat in his photo planted on his shoulders, running behind his head. That's a nice touch on a G-U bat card.

The back of the card is the obligatory "We certify this is a ... blah-blah..." Seriously. Can we not put stats or a bio or some little fact back there? I mean, really....

Oh well, aside from my few complaints about the A&G cards in general, I am very happy with my newest acquisition!


  1. Good point about the bat in the photo on a bat card. One of my pet peeves of a jersey card is to get a plain white jersey swatch but the photo is of the player wearing a color jersey. There are enough pictures out there that they could make them match in appearance.

    About the stats maybe they could tell us how many pieces they cut the bat into.

  2. I would love to know how many pieces they cut bats and jerseys into. And then, if the card is something like #/599 and they cut the bat into 1000 pieces, we know there are more to come... It just occurred to me that it is possible there is one bat and one jersey from a player, cut up into a zillion pices and then card companies "bid" for how many 'slices' they get... Hmmm... Need to check into that one...