Friday, October 5, 2007


I thought it appropriate that I received a pair of 2002 Fleer Jacobs Field cards yesterday in the mail! (Note, my card is not cut like the scan, my scanner did that) What follows is one of those "amazingly stupid coincidence" lists:
  • I received TWO of these (one is the Gold version),
  • The year on the card is TWO thousand TWO,
  • I couldn't post it last night, so I posted this after game TWO of the alds,
  • Indians won TWO to 1 tonight,
  • I should have ended this list with only TWO points!!

I like stadiums cards almost as much as I like team cards. I just think it is very cool to have a card-sized photo of the stadium where one's favorite team plays. I usually prefer that the checklist on the back actually reflect the team's stadium on the front, but oh well... :-) Since I live in Arkansas, I have not yet made the "pilgrimage" to The Jake, but I will one day!!

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