Saturday, October 20, 2007


It's Tribe Time Now!

Isn't that the mantra we've been spouting for at least a month and half now? We are Tribe fans, for crying out loud (which many of us are doing lately). It's Tribe time now. Perhaps the watch needs to be wound (a reference I fear may be lost on some), but I believe it IS that time. I tried to find a cute picture of a wagon with the wheels coming off, and being unsuccessful at that, opted to look for ANY picture of wheels coming off of ANYTHING, I decided that the few pictures I found were neither cute nor any good. I have decided that means the wheels AREN'T coming off the Tribe, and that they will return to playing ball following the extrusions of their craniums from their posterior orifices (yet another reference which may be lost on some).

As this IS a space about Indians baseball cards, tonight I offer up a few Lofton cards (though it wasn't until I had scanned them that I realized they were mostly UD.. Oh well..)

Batting: Showing us all that he does what he does. When I get a 200x card of him in Indians garb, I can easily add it here, and I hope it shows him in action. Not many players can play as well as he has, regardless of age.

Running: Even when the Tribe was down 4-1, or 10-1 for that matter, Lofton hustles - whether down the first base line or between the bases!

And, since the announcers can't seem to let go of Lofton's basketball "career," I offer you, the reader, this little gem:

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