Monday, October 1, 2007

2005 Topps Hot Button

Sometimes I "discover" cards while I am looking for needed cards to add to my ever-growing collection. These Hot Button cards fall into that category. I honestly don't even remember what I was looking for when I turned my search to something like "Topps, Hot Button, Indians" on Beckett's marketplace. Low and behold, I found these two guys hanging around waiting to be snagged up and added their friends at my place! The cards themselves are very cool. Anywhere you see white in the scans is actually the inside lid of the scanner - the cards are transparent. Down each edge of the card are codes for BB, K, 2B, 1B, etc. Since I never owned the game that goes along with the cards, I can only assume the reader has something to do with these letters. Each player is given a "Hot Rating." The team logo is on both sides of the card in the same place. The back features bio info, plus the stats for the player's previous year, and little blurb about the pictured player.

The cards themselves are a thin plastic. Thinner than a credit card, and actually kinda flimsy in my opinion. I happen to have a large Taco Bell cup on the desk, and I'd say the plastic in the cards is about the same "strength" as the TB cup (very informal, non-scientific determination).

No matter, these cards that I had not heard of prior to running across the set (most likely during an eBay search). A nice addition, to be sure!

Tomorrow, we're goin to the "hotel.... motel.... Holiday Inn...."

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