Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flaming Balls

I have stacks (and stacks, and stacks, and stacks) of duplicate Tribe cards. Today, following the utter humiliation suffered after the loss to the Yankees on Sunday, I randomly picked up a small stack, cut the cards, and chose the card at the split. Fittingly, it is the 1991 Score Dream Team card of Doug Jones.

I want to know what was going through the heads of the various people involved here... Take a walk down imaginary lane, if you will....

Photographer: "Okay, Doug, we need you to stare at the ball. Pretend you're "The Thinker" and you're thinking about your next heater..."

Jones: "What? Couldn't I just sit here and pretend to be Alan Jackson?"

Photog: "Who?"

Jones: "You know, that country singer. I like his 'stache..."

Photog: "Whatever. We're going to airbrush a flame coming out the ball after we're done."

Caterer/Intern: "Oh-mah-gawsh! Like, you mean, he'll be holding a flaming ball!? Yummy!"

Jones: "What!? A flaming ball!? No friggin way!"

Photog: "Not like that, Doug. Like a super-hot fastball... A heater! (lowers voice) Shut up, Alejandro!"

Jones (to team attorney): "Is this really in my contract!?"

Attorney: "Well, you see, the thing is... it is not specifically NOT in your contract..."

Photog: "It'll be 'tastefully done' and we're using black & white film!"

Jones: "Good God! I'm holding a flaming ball AND it's in black & white!? There goes my career...."

On the other hand, the fact that the Indians went down in flames tonight (Sunday) and that I picked a card bearing a flame seems a little more than just a coincidence.....

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  1. There goes my career....too bad he never had one. Also if your interested I have a large supply of vintage Tribe cards from 1951-present. I'm a Cleveland guy so i have many doubles if you are interested in filling any sets let me know. You can e-mail at