Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1967 Topps Pin-ups

There are/were 32 5"x7" thin paper photos in the 1967 Topps Pin-ups set. Of those 32, Wagner and Sam McDowell were the only Indians. I do not have the McDowell in hand yet, but I've got one coming in the mail! :-) These 5x7's are on SERIOUSLY thin paper. It would not take much to have these things rip, especially along the factory-made creases. The one I have is in pretty good shape, considering. Wagner's pose makes it hard to tell if he is happy to be having this picture taken or not. He almost pulls off a "Mona Lisa" with that smirk. The VERY light blue facsimile autograph is hard to see with the green grass, but overall, I think it's a nice oversized item.

Just for the record, there is a Joe Torre version of the '67 Poster/Pin-up out there, for anyone who is interested... There is also supposedly a version of the Roberto Clemente 5x7 that is not only unnumbered, but is printed on heavier stock. I bet it has serious creasing issues....ouch!

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