Monday, April 6, 2015

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Play Ball!! Opening Day Repack from Hot Corner Cards

Good evening, everyone! Well, it is late evening (9:15pm CST) as I type this up, anyway. It will probably be morning or afternoon on the day AFTER opening day before many of you even see this. Alas, I digress (often).

Today's pack of cards comes to us by way of Hot Corner Cards, who you may remember sent us a SLEW of packs and "stuff" to open!

This repack is from Hyman Products and claims "Cards worth up to $400 may be inside!" Let's take a look:

Brook Jacoby 1987 Sportsflics - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Jack Clark 1987 Topps - Cardinals - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Paul Splittorff 1984 Topps - Royals - Free Agent
John Tamargo  1981 Topps - Expos - Free Agent
Hosken Powell 1980 Topps - Twins - Free Agent
Wally Joyner 1989 Score - Angels - Free Agent
Tony Phillips 1988 Donruss - A's - Free Agent
Bob Shirley 1987 Fleer - Yankees - Free Agent
Joe Hesketh 1987 Donruss - Expos - Free Agent
Tom Gordon 1990 Topps All-Star Set - Royals - Free Agent
Alvaro Espinoza 1990 Topps - Free Agent
Mark Davis 1991 Topps - Royals - Free Agent
Mike Sharperson 1991 Topps - Free Agent
Bob Tewksbury 1991 Topps - Cardinals - Free Agent
1987 Topps Checklist 1-132 (will be given out randomly)
Ken Phelps 1988 Topps - Mariners - Free Agent
Keith Atherton 1988 Topps - Twins - Free Agent
Pete Smith 1989 Topps - Braves - Free Agent
Ivan Calderon 1989 Topps - White Sox - Free Agent
Padres Leaders 1987 Topps - Padres - Free Agent
Ken Oberkfell 1991 Topps - Astros - Free Agent
Ted Power 1985 Topps - Reds - Free Agent
Carlton Fisk AL All-Star 1986 Topps - White Sox - Thoughts and Sox (Wahoo!!)
Whew! Thoughts and Sox save the pack from being a one-hit wonder. Congrats to them and to Wilsons for pulling cards out of this old-school repack. On the upside, we have a bunch of new recruits for the drafting!

Now, let's take a look at how things are in OOTP16!

Here are the preseason predictions. We'll keep an eye on things throughout the season to see how well the teams do compared to what things look at on the first day:

For those who want to know which teams played which on our first day of the season, take a look at this:

And, finally, what everyone has been waiting for... The results of Opening Day for PAD Circus 2015!! WAHOO!! Congrats to the winners! Those that fell short, just remember, we have a LONG season ahead of us!


  1. First place baby! I won't pay any attention to that .500 prediction...

  2. David, how do I get into the league page on the website?

  3. Who was an overall better catcher in their prime...? Carlton Fisk or Johnny Bench?