Friday, April 10, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 006 - Donruss me, I'm bustin my wax ova 'ere!

Hello, folks! This post is coming late on Friday night (starting the writing at 11:30pm CST). The managers have been given the draft for the week - our first regular-season draft of 2015! So, any free agents we find here (that are not already in the draft) will be put up for grabs in the NEXT draft. I know, it's all a bit confusing. Try to keep up and watch for the changes.

Tonight, I have a rack pack of 30 2015 Donruss cards. Let's see what we get!

Johnny Cueto - Reds - Nachos Grandes (Wahoo!!)
Chris Sale - White Sox - SoxFan4Life (Wahoo!!)
Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox - Free Agent
Wei-Yin Chen - Orioles - Enamel Rods (Wahoo!!)
Jake Arrieta - Cubs - Free Agent
Seth Smith - Mariners - Free Agent
Gerrit Cole - Pirates - Pennsylvania BCs (Wahoo!!)
Starling Marte - Pirates - Pennsylvania BCs (Back-to-Back Wahoo!!)
Pablo Sandoval Studio - Northampton Therapists (Wahoo!!)
Rymer Liriano Preferred Grandstand - Padres - Free Agent
Dalton Pompey Rookies - Blue Jays - Free Agent
R.A. Dickey - Blue Jays - Idaho Astros (Wahoo!!)
Leonys Martin - Rangers - Free Agent
Kevin Kiermaier - Rays - Free Agent
Yadier Molina - Cardinals - Erin Rose (Wahoo!!)
Jason Heyward - Cardinals - Cobb County SuperChickens (Wahoo!!)
Albert Pujols - Angels - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Chris Carter - Astros - Free Agent
Charlie Blackmon - Rockies - Free Agent
Carlos Santana - Indians (Wahoo!) - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Todd Frazier - Reds - Nachos Grandes (Wahoo!! x2)
Yadier Molina '81 Retro - Cardinals - Erin Rose (Wahoo!! x2)
Brandon Belt Jersey Kings - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Kris Bryant Elite - Cubs - Free Agent
Jorge Soler Rated Rookie - Cubs - Free Agent
Chipper Jones All-Time Diamond King - Braves - Captain Canucks (Wahoo!!)
Pete Rose Sr - Reds - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
George Brett - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Frank Thomas - White Sox - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!!)
Stephen Strasburg - Nationals - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)

Holy smokes!! Congratulations to everyone that pulled cards from this pack! First off, this is the first time I've seen the 2015 Donruss. I have no idea what the collecting world thinks of these, but I absolutely love them. They bring back all kinds of memories with nods to various flavors of Donruss over the years. And, though I'm sure most of you are geeking out over the jersey card, that '81-style Yadi just blows me away. I love it! Congrats to Erin Rose for pulling TWO Yadis from this one pack! Certainly congrats to Arpsmith for grabbing that jersey card, too! With the range of modern and past players, I like this set a lot.  And, we managed to add some free agents to the 2nd draft!

Now, here are all the scans! Wow!!


  1. Huzzah - my first card of the year...and it's George Brett!!!

    Also, those are some primo free-agents you pulled this week.

    As we get later in the season and most players are spoken-for, remind me to send you a "Free Agent Repack" (ie, a Team Bag full of guys that AREN'T taken yet) for you to use in PADC.

    1. Oh, cool! I'll look forward to that for sure. Now, I just have to remember to remind you... Haha!

  2. I'm not much of a fan of this unlicensed stuff, but I have to admit that I really like that '81 style Yadi. It probably helps that it didn't need much photoshopping.