Saturday, April 18, 2015

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Major Shake-up/Shake-down

Hello, everyone! This update should explain a lot of things that have several of us perplexed. Let's take a trip down memory lane and then hop off and get on the right track.

You may recall, when the season opener in OOTP for this season started, I had to fill teams with fictional players so that we'd all have a full roster. That mainly applied to teams without a full 25-man roster, but at that time, I had a full set of minor league feeders set up because I was not paying attention when I created this season's game.

Another setting I had not thought of at that time was the one that allowed the computer to make trades and pull real players on to teams. You may already see where this is going, but stay with me.

So, recently, I realized what was going on. I asked for some help and learned how to get rid of all the extraneous minor league feeders. Here's where things go wrong. I had real players that were relegated to minors through the computer's roster-filling. I had real players being swapped on various teams. I had a big freakin mess.

I actually had fixed the real player rosters. Or so I thought. I did have the right players on the right teams as far as our draft picking was concerned. What I neglected to notice at that time were the players we had not yet put into drafts already assigned to teams. Ex: Carlos Gonzalez, Xander Bogaerts, and others.

This is where the confusion comes in. I had an accurate list of managers/players, but it did not match the in-game information because my list was created after the last draft but before the actual season started. Turns out, that was a blessing. See, when posting PADCircus updates, managers were seeing some of those yet-to-be-drafted players on their rosters or in my video updates. I never caught on. When I pulled an available player, a manager would write and say, "I thought he was on my team." I would check my Manager/Player list and he wouldn't be there. Then, I ran this week's draft and some of the players were already assigned to different teams. i thought I was losing my mind.

So... I generated an updated manager/player list from the game and compared it to the REAL manager/player list. Anyone not supposed to be on each team was removed - fictional or real! Then I filled each team, individually, with fictional players (because after the clean-up, not all teams has position players or did not have enough players to fill rosters).

I know this is a long, convoluted explanation for what happened. But, I am glad to know that I was able to track down the problem!

As I write this, I am still working through the rosters. I will post an updated, accurate managers/players list when I'm done - along with the info from our first in-season draft.

As I have mentioned before: Lesson learned? Next season, we have our rosters drafted BEFORE the start of the season! I will probably start breaking packs/holding drafts starting in February.

I appreciate everyone's understanding and patience. In a few years, I'll have this down to a science!

*image provided by Mark Aubrey (The Balking Dead), as he refers to PADCircus as "Pachadermly Circuits"

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