Sunday, April 26, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 022 - 04/25 Draft - Skunking, No Skunking!

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the late draft post, but my son is moving from one place to another and we helped him get started. If you know, or remember from your own days, how college-aged boys can be (especially when there are three in one rental), you might imagine what we faced.

In any case, this week, we had our first NO SKUNK draft, and it worked exactly as planned. Erin Rose had #1 overall pick and ProwlingCats got the next pick.

Erin Rose snagged Kris Bryant (who was by far the most sought after player this week). ProwlingCats had him as first pick as well, so they snagged their second pick: Jorge Soler.

Congratulations, you two! And, congrats to everyone that played along this week for creating the highest draft round elimination to date: we went FIVE rounds! Nice job!

I will have the new list sometime Monday Night.

Below the draft results, we have today's pack, too!

Tonight, we're opening a cello section of 1987 Topps:

Dave Johnson (mgr) - Mets Checklist - Free Agent
Jeff Robinson - Giants - Free Agent
Nate Snell - Orioles - Free Agent
Rick Schu - Phillies - Free Agent
Gary Redus - Phillies - Free Agent
Jeff Lahti - Cardinals - Free Agent
Juan Berenguer - Giants - Free Agent
Karl Best - Mariners - Free Agent
John Morris - Cardinals - Free Agent
Gene Michael (mgr) - Cubs Checklist - Free Agent
Sal Butera - Reds - Free Agent
Bobby Thigpen - White Sox - Free Agent
Bobby Valentine (mgr) - Rangers Checklist - Free Agent
Lance Parrish All-Star - Tigers - Free Agent
Pete Rose Sr (mgr) - Reds Checklist - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Eddie Whitson - Padres - Free Agent

Whew! Thanks to the save by Dominc FDNY, we ended up with a one-hitter instead of being shut out. Congratulations - and a Rose Sr to boot! Excellent!

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