Thursday, April 30, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 026 - Led astray by pearls

Good afternoon, everyone!

I spent the day working with other State Technology Coordinators as we fleshed out the grant applications that determine whether or not our positions get funded. It's an annual event that causes us to reflect on the previous school year and report what we've done, what we will do next year, and how we can improve on what we do.

I am telling you all that to tell you this: On my way to the meeting, I had to make a stop, so I decided to grab a pack of cards to open today. I had planned on maybe some Series One or Heritage, but this 24-count of Gypsy Queens in a box distracted me with the promise of "3 Pearl Parallel Cards" inside.

And, so, I am opening yet another pack of Gypsy Queen (not to mention I still have three that I haven't opened from my birthday blaster). Welp, here we go:

Carlos Santana - Indians (Wahoo!) - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Willie Mays - Giants - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Devin Mesoraco - Reds - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!!)
Bartolo Colon - Mets - New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
Nelson Cruz - Mariners - Play at the Plates (Wahoo!!)
Brandon Moss - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Yoenis Cespedes - Tigers - Pedersejs (Wahoo!!)
Mark Teixeira - Yankees - Bo Rosnys (Wahoo!!)
Christian Yelich - Marlins - Free Agent
George Springer - Astros - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!! x2)
Troy Tulowitzki Mini - Rockies - Kentucky Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Matt Cain Mini - Giants - RJBreeze (Wahoo!!)
Orlando Cepeda - Cardinals - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Alex Gordon Mini Blue - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Michael Morse Queen's Throwbacks - Giants - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Roenis Elias - Mariners - Free Agent
Jason Heyward - Cardinals - Cobb County SuperChickens (Wahoo!!)
Henderson Alvarez - Marlins - Free Agent
Jenrry Mejia - Mets - New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!! x2)
Brandon Belt - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!! x2)
Mark Buehrle - Blue Jays - Northampton Therapists (Wahoo!!)
Corey Kluber Peral - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Bartolo Colon Pearl - Mets - New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!! x3)
Jose Canseco Pearl - A's - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!! x2)

Well, jumpin' Jehoshaphat! Look at all those 2-hitters and the Hadsalls managed a 3-hitter from this box - not to mention two of the same player on different styles! Top that off with a bunch of the managers adding cards to their stacks, and we have one heck of a pack here. I think it is very cool that one of the pearl cards ended up a free agent that happens to be an Indians player! Oh yeah, one of the regular cards is also a free agent Indians player. How about that?! (voiced in my head as the late, great Mel Allen).

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  1. I was wondering when Kluber and Yelich would make their appearance. That next draft is going to be something!