Sunday, April 5, 2015

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - 1st Pack, Opening Day or not...

Hey there, folks! Welcome to 2015 Pack-A-Daily Circus official season start!! Wahoo!! Er, sorta. I don't know what happened, but I had originally set the OOTP game to kick off on April 5. Instead, the game has Opening Day marked as April 10. Not sure what caused the delay. Yes, i realize this is just a simulated game, but it was supposed to coincide with the actual MLB. Well, I am going to start the simulated game and then wait until the days catch up in real life. Hey, it makes sense in my head anyway.

I am also going to fill all teams with fictional players for remaining spots. That won't affect pack-busting or anything else, other than the OOTP game itself.

Below, we have the results from the latest preseason draft, our first pack bust of the season, and we'll take a look at preseason results to see where our teams ended up in preseason action!

Speaking of rosters and drafts, I ran two drafts on Saturday. Here are the results:

I had planned to run an "undrafted" draft, but the only player not drafted during the preseason drafts was Ramon Ortiz. So, he'll just go back in the pot until we pull one of his cards.

Speaking of cards, we're busting open a pack of 2015 Topps tonight to kick things off!

Lyle Overbay - Brewers - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Conor Gillaspie - White Sox - Free Agent
David Phelps - Yankees - Free Agent
Manny Machado - Orioles - RJBreeze (Wahoo!!)
Detroit Tigers Team Card - Tigers - Free Agent
Shane Greene - Yankees - Free Agent
Jose Canseco 1st member of 40/40 Club - A's - Free Agent
David Peralta - Diamondbacks - Free Agent
Chris Colabello - Twins - Free Agent
Chris Archer - Rays - Free Agent

Way to kick things off, Kazis! Congrats to you and to RJBreeze for snagging the first two cards of the season! On the other side, we have a bunch of free agents for our first draft of the season coming up later this week!

Now, let's take a look at preseason standings (click to enlarge):

The number one story of the preseason? Injuries!

  • On 3/11, Yadi (Erin Rose) pulled a hammy - out six weeks
  • On 3/12, Ben Revere (E. VA Mutts) out with strain oblique for six weeks
  • Other players on extended leave: Jason Heyward, Mike Moustakas, Jose Abreu, Lorenzo Cain, and more.
While injuries do not affect the cards the owning managers receive, it certainly affects the simulated games! 

Since the MLB officially has Opening Day on April 6, the Pack-A-Daily Circus will also have Opening Day posted then, even though it will be April 10 in the simu game. Once the real calendar catches up to April 11, I'll run the games more in line with real life.

Thanks for stopping by and here's hoping your favorite team goes all the way this season in the PADCircus!


  1. I guess middle of the road isn't too bad, but I hope to improve a bit more before the end of the season. I am interested to see what the game chooses for my Opening Day depth chart.

  2. I suppose I did as well as a team with only 2 Outfielders can expect to do...