Friday, April 24, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 020 - Rolen down a Hill

Hello! Welcome back for another pack break! Today, I have a pack of 2010 Topps Series Two. Unfortunately, my desktop is in the middle (or more accurately first 1/3) of transferring data to my new rig, so I don't have access to the scanner. I will probably take a quick pic with my MacBook Pro's webcam. We'll see how it goes!

I answered a comment from RAZ, but wanted to share the idea with you here: Once I have the game files posted online somewhere that you can see them, I will open up lineups for managerial input. That is, each manager would then be allowed to set their lineups. Actually, I may post sample lineups and let you use your Manager/Player list to set lineups. Hmm, I'll keep ya posted!

Okay, let's bust some wax:

Carlos Marmol - Cubs - Free Agent
Aaron Laffey - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Aaron Hill - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Scott Rolen - Reds - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Kanekoa Texeira Gold 1630/2010 - Mariners - Free Agent
Yunel Escobar Topps Attax - Braves - Free Agent
Ervin Santana - Angels - Free Agent

Congratulations, Kazis and Wilsons! We also pulled a Tribecard! Any pack in which an Indians player is pulled is a good one. Haha! The Kanekoa is pretty cool. Topps did waste any imprinting or foil on the numbering, though. The serial number is just printed on the card in black.

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