Thursday, August 7, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp15 - OOTP PAD Standings Update!

Hello, everyone!!  I know it has been a couple weeks since our last OOTP game update, so I am so glad to be posting this!

Please note: The most recent draft is *NOT* included here. I will be adding those players this weekend and will run another simulation Tuesday or Wednesday.

To see the stats and check on your favorite players, head here:

In case you want the quick hits, let's take a look around the league!


PICADILLY DIVISION - The FDNYs continue their streak in leading this division, keeping the JoshDs in 2nd place. The Tribecards and the Arpsmiths keep swapping back and forth for 3rd/4th places while the StealingHomes and Night Owls sit at the bottom. No one in this division is completely out of the running, though. Night owls may be in last place here, but they are only 18 games out of first. If the top three teams hit a slump, we could see some shake-ups here.

GREEN PARK DIVISION - The Wilsons stretch their lead even further over the Maddings, pulling to 13 games ahead. MySportsObsessions only trail the Maddings by one game, so expect a strong fight for 2ns place. The GoBlues and the DiamondKings, however, have fallen way off the mark. They trail 36 and 43 games behind 1st, respectively. Unless the other teams have a flat-out mutiny, it is safe to say the GoBlues and the DiamondKings are done for the season.

LEICESTER DIVISION - We see the NachosGrandes pull further ahead here. They now lead the Superduperman99s by 9 games. PlayAtThePlates are close behind 2nd only trailing by 10 games out of 1st. ScottCrawfordOnCards and Trhdds are separated by 3 games and aren't too far out of a chance to move up if their teams can get some production going. JediJeffs went 1-9 in their last 10 games. Seeing as how they sit 35 games out of first, I think we can effectively break out the forks.

OXFORD CIRCUS DIVISION - The CaptainCanucks hold the largest lead in any division, sitting 16 games in front of 2nd place ProwlingCats. Below them, the Chonks and PatWs are 2 games apart but sit 20 and 22 games out. The Erins are 44 games out of first place, but don't hold the spot for the lowest in the PackADaily Circus League. We'll see that team in the Wordpress League.

PUNTO OBELISCO DIVISION - The Dawgbones maintain an 11 game lead over the second-place RJBreezes, but everyone else in the division falls way off this round. PTownToms slide to 25 games out of first. The Pedersejs and Jafronius may only be three games apart, but they fall to 32 and 35 games behind Dawgbones. The TSHensons drop to 54 games out of first. You'd think that would put them in the lowest spot in the league. Nope.

LILLYWHITES DIVISION - Here, we find the team with the largest deficit: EG9460s currently sit 58 games behind division leader Hadsalls. Wow! In other division news, the Thorzuls and GCRLs keep leapfrogging each other in a battle for 2nd place. Only 1 game divides them, though they sit 14 and 15 games out of first. ThoughtsAndSox has managed to wedge itself 28 games behind first and 30 games ahead of the EG9460s. Not a good place to be.

BAKERLOO DIVISON - Though the Kazis still lead in this division, that lead has been cut down to 11 games as the Quarrys slowly inch their way up. Quarrys may trail by 11 games, but coming off a 9-1 winning streak sure has helped them. The BCs are 3 games behind the Quarrys and sit comfortably ahead of the Jennings by 15 games. The Jennings, 30 games out of 1st, hold a 23-game safety net over the PatrickSmiths.

CARING CROSS DIVISION - Battling for first, the Workmans and BoRosnys have just 1 game keeping them apart. They both managed to go 7-3 in their last 10 games. Things take a dramatic turn for the worse, though, as the Otakus trail by 24 games, BackstopCards is down by 28 games, and the Dayfs are 29 games behind the leader. Basically, it is a fight for 3rd in the division. Last place, however, is pretty well solidified by the CaptainKirk42s. They fall to 47 games behind.