Friday, August 29, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Standings Update and busting wax

Good evening! Welcome to this week's PAD Circus update! Unfortunately, I can't upload the files yet, but I can give screen shots of the current standings in the Pack-A-Daily Circus League.

Before we get to that, though, today, in the OOTP simulation (Sept 1), rosters will expand to 70 active players per team! This will be interesting to watch how things move over the next month or so.

As we look at the Blogger League first, the JoshDs have taken first place back from the Tribecards in the Picadilly Division. The Wilsons have all but sealed their place for post-season play in the Green Park Division, as have the NachosGrandes and the CaptainCanucks:

Meanwhile, in the WordPress League, everyone in first place looks to be set for a playoff run. The only exception might be the Workmans. They are 4 games ahead of the BoRosnys, so the expanded roster could help swap those two teams.

Of course, with the rosters expanding from 50 to 70 active players, there is no telling what the next simulation is going to look like. Add to that all the A&G add-ins, etc, and we've got the makings for one of the weirdest baseball season finishes in history! Okay, maybe not all of history, but how many airplanes do you know that are playing on a baseball team?

Let's shift our focus to tonight's wax! How about a donated super-sized pack of 2012 Topps Series Two:

Ryan Doumit - Twins - BCs (Wahoo!!)
Andruw Jones - Yankees - CaptainCanucks (Wahoo!!)
Chase Headley - Padres - BackstopCards (Wahoo!!)
Ichiro Suzuki - Mariners - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Adam Wainwright - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!!)
Chris Volstad - Cubs - Free Agent
Scott Hairston - Mets - Thorzus (Wahoo!!)
Alex Presley - Pirates - BCs (Wahoo x2)
Cal Ripken Jr Cut Above - Orioles - TSHensons (Wahoo!!)
Cal Ripken Jr Golden Moments - Orioles - TSHensons (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!!)

Wow! I don;t think we have ever pulled back-to-back cards of the same player before! That is awesome! Added to that? Yeah, Cal freakin Ripken! Okay, yeah, I am geeking out over here. How could I not!?

Dwight Gooden Mound Dominance - Mets - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)
Homer Bailey - Reds - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Victor Martinez - Tigers - Trhdds (Wahoo!!)
Jeremy Hellickson - Rays - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Tyler Clippard - Nationals - Jafronius (Wahoo!! x2)
Humberto Quintero - Astros - Free Agent
Juan Francisco - Reds - Free Agent
Eric Hinske - Braves - Free Agent
Bronson Arroyo - Reds - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)
Anthony Rizzo - Cubs - Pedersejs (Wahoo!!)
Jair Jurrjens - Braves - Free Agent
Torii Hunter - Angels - Jennings (Wahoo!!)
Mike Stanton - Marlins - TSHensons (Wahoo!! x3)
Charlie Furbush - Mariners - Chonks (Wahoo!! x2)
Ryan Sweeney - Red Sox - Otakus (Wahoo!!)
Eric Sogard - A's - Free Agent
Bob Gibson Gold Standard - Cardinals - Pedersejs (Wahoo!! x2)
Drew Pomeranz Gold Futures - Rockies - Free Agent
Jack Hanrahan - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Josh Beckett - Red Sox - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!)
Rafael Betancourt - Rockies - Free Agent
Jerry Sands - Dodgers - Free Agent
Ruben Tejada - Mets - Free Agent
Justin Smoak - Mariners - ProwlingCats (Wahoo!!)
Brett Lawrie - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Brandon Crawford - Giants - Workmans (Wahoo!!)

Wow! That was a lot of cards, especially at 11pm. haha! As I am dozing off and on while typing, I must say this post will be updated on Saturday and I will post scan of the manager hits.

Speaking of, how about a HUGE congratulations to those who got a hit in this mega-pack, but also those who scored multiple hits!! Wahoo!!  I hope everyone has a great night! Remember, Saturday is draft day!

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