Friday, August 8, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp15 - The Commish Goes Crazy!

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - Pack-A-Daily League Commissioner, David, made an unprecedented move today. He reworked the roster allowances, creating a vastly expanded roster scenario. The PAD League had been following the traditional 25-man roster with a 40-man expansion (set for Sept 1). In a fit of unorthodox league management, David set the CURRENT active roster to the maximum: 50 players! The expansion? Up to 70 players per team!

"This move could dramatically effect future standings, but I felt it was necessary given the pending influx of new talent," David said, referring to a slew of free agents coming from the GAC Packs.

For many teams in PAD, it means their entire player pool is now active and will participate in various rotations. For other teams, it simply means that a majority of players are now active, leaving some players still on reserve.

"Right now," David added, "we have two teams with specific roster arrangements. To keep things fair, I randomly chose players from their reserves to be activated. That actually holds true with ANY team that had more than enough players to fill the newly expanded active rosters."

David said he is looking forward to the rest of the PAD season as played out in the OOTP15 environment.

This move is likely to cause managers to express their thoughts on the matter. We'll keep you updated.

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