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#PackADailyCircus - Winding Down the OOTP season, Current draft, Busting a pack

Hello, everyone!

I noticed something the other day: The MLB season ends on Sept 28. Our OOTP simulated season ends on August 25. Because of the gap (the OOTP game is set in 2013 because I started the simulated games before the new version of OOTP came out), this is how the end of the season will go in terms of pack breaks and simulated games:

  • Pack busting will run through September 28, 2014. This giveaway has always been about the regular MLB season, so I will continue to break packs until the season is over.
  • After the last MLB game of the regular season, we will hold a final draft for all renaming players/cards. This will include fillers and inserts that we've uncovered along the way as well. Why not, right?
  • The OOTP playoffs will be played each day after the MLB regular season ends: So, starting on September 29, 2014, I will begin posting daily results for the OOTP season. These will be screen shots of results/standings, most likely. 
  • The OOTP World Series will run immediately following the OOTP playoffs - I am not going to run the OOTP World Series along side the MLB World Series. That's too much to handle in the way of timing, etc. Plus, there is no guarantee that either would end up being played in tandem anyway (wildcards, short/long series, etc).
  • The OOTP World Series Winner will receive a "prize pack" with several goodies in it. The contents of the prize pack will be revealed at the start of the OOTP World Series, so stay tuned for that later!
I think that's it as far as the season goes.

Now, as for this week's draft:
  • I mistakenly listed Andrew Lambo as a free agent. He is owned by the BCs. I removed Lambo from everyone's list and shifted the choices up accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience or confusion.
  • The Workmans attempted to draft Chris Carter, but he is already owned by the BoRosnys. You two keep me on my toes!
  • We had a couple shut-outs this week: Wilsons and Trhdds. Better luck next time!
Let's see how it went down (Click any image to see full-size version):

Since we have 30 participants this week and the draft was supposed to take place on the 30th, I figured I would randomize the list 30 times. You never know with me:

This is the list of folks after the sorting in random order:

And here is the final breakdown

Remember, the draft snakes, so Round 1 goes DOWN the list, Round 2 goes back up starting at the bottom, lather rinse repeat. I'll get the name entered into OOTP this weekend and I will send out the new draft list as well!

Now, let's bust some wax!

1998 Donruss with Stan Musial Puzzle. [Hmm, this pack opened WAY too easily. Not sure if this was tampered with or just old.]

Stan Musial Puzzle 19, 20, 21 - Cardinals - JediJeffs (Wahoo!!) - [Smart move, picking players featured on Donruss puzzles! This piece shows off some of his stats.]

Bob Boone - Angels - Free Agent - [I'm old, so his name always reminds me of Pat Boone. For you kids out there, Pat was a country singer.]

Pete Incaviglia - Rangers - Free Agent - [Surprised at this one. Mainly in that we hadn't busted him out of a pack before. Someone should do an MLB spoof of "The Princess Bride" and have the Vizzini character say "Incavilia" over and over.]

Joey Meyer - Brewers - Free Agent - [Obviously, this season was top-heavy with newer cards. Meyer is wearing a patch on his arm that says, "Sully." This is too early to reference Monsters, Inc and/or the Hudson River plane crash.]

Jose Canseco - A's - Kazis (Wahoo!!) - [He may be young in this pic, but his look is that of someone who has seen the future and isn't happy about it.]

Tom Foley - Expos - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!) - [I only remember Foley from his days as a Pirates player, not to be confused with Tim FOLI, who also player with the Bucs.]

Bud Black - Royals - Backstopcards (Wahoo!!) - [This was back before he played for the Indians. At the time of this card, he had played 5 seasons with the Royals and had a career 3.70 ERA.]

Mickey Hatcher - Dodgers - Free Agent - [Wow. I was surprised to see him unclaimed. Guess that goes back to the whole "top-heavy with newer cards" thing. Such is the way of randomly picking packs, eh]

Dave Winfield - Yankees - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!) - [Winfield is one of my favorites. In addition to the Indians cards I have, there are several in my "non-Tribers" collection.]

Todd Benzinger - Red Sox - Free Agent - [To me, he looks a bit like Orel Hershiser in this pic. Maybe not.]

Jeff Robinson - Tigers - Free Agent - [I don't know anything about him. However, this exact card was used as the image for his page.]

Robin Yount - Brewers - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!) - [Freakin' Yount!! Nice! I never have to look to see who has him on their roster. I believe for each of these seasonal breaks, he has gone to Thorzul. It's something of a tradition - or, if I am wrong, then it should have been a tradition. or something.]

Tom Niedenfuer - Orioles - gcrls (Wahoo!!) - [I know this is awful to say, but every time I see his name, I can't help think about Star Wars and Nerfherders.]

Ivan Calderon Diamond Kings - White Sox - JediJeffs (Wahoo!!) - [If memory serves, each team got to submit their own pick for inclusion in the DK series. Makes you wonder why the Sox (or anyone) picked Calderon over Baines. Thoughts/input from any of you?]

Checklist 138-247 (#200) - [Checklists will be a free agent draft item in the very last draft of the season. Winner takes all the checklists busted this season. Congrats or condolences, whichever applies.]

Vince Coleman - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!!) - [Coleman is by far one of my all-time favorite Cardinals! Glad to see him in here today.]

Lee Smith - Cubs - PTownToms (Wahoo!!) - [He played for 18 years, and even with a couple 4+ and 5+ seasons, still finished his career with an overall 3.03 ERA. Nice pull.]

Congratulations, folks! Several of you have more cards for your collection and we have a few free agents to add to the mix as we approach the playoffs in OOTP!

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