Friday, August 22, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #OOPT15 - A Circus, for sure!

Let’s take a look at this week’s standings:

I finally got the names entered into OOTP, so I've got the updated simulation results. There are a few surprises in here: good and bad, depending on your team's performance.

In Picadilly, The Tribecards and the JoshDs rise above the FDNYs in a bid for first place. The Arpsmiths, StealingHomes, and Night Owls finish out the division. In fact, they are 4 games ahead of the FDNYs. Check out the game stats and box scores to see if you can put that one together!

Things in the Green Park Division remain the same: Wilsons, Maddings, MySportsObsessions, GoBlues, and DiamondKings hold the same positions as they held in the last update. The Wilsons lead the division by 15 games over 2nd place maddings.

In Leicester, we a similar situation as Green Park: everyone remains in the same position. The order sits at NachosGrandes, Superduperman99s, PlayAtThePlates, ScottCrawfordOnCards, Trhdds, and the JediJeffs. The JediJeffs, however, slip to 38 games out of first.

Finally, in this side of league, we have Oxford Circus. The CaptainCanucks extend their lead over the Chonks to 21 games. The ProwlingCats and PatWs hold a considerable lead over the last-place Erins. The Erins fall to 52 games out of first. The only thing saving that team is the end of the season on the horizon.

Looking at Punto Obelisco, the Dawgbones pull 12 games ahead of 2nd place RJBreezes. Far behind, we see PTownToms, Pedersejs, Jafronius, and TSHensons. The TSHensons continue their free-fal, now sitting 58 games off the lead.

Lillywhites Division keeps the Hadsalls 13 games in front of 2nd place, but we see a changing of the guard. The Thorzuls step 2 games in front of GCRLs, as they swap 2nd and 3rd positions. ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s round out the division. The EG9460s better reach for their parachute soon: they are a whopping 65 games out of first.

In Bakerloo, we don’t see any kind of shake-up at all. The Kazis are 10 games in front of the Quarrys as the BCs, Jennings, and PatrickSmiths watch from below. In PatrickSmiths case, from 57 games below! Wow!

Finally, let’s look at Caring Cross. The leading 2 teams remain as is: Workmans in front of BoRosnys. There is a swap for 3rd and 4th, though. The Dayfs jump ahead of the Otakus, while the BackstopCards and CaptainKirk42s fill out the division.

We have several teams that are more than 50 games out of first place in their respective divisions. I don’t think I would have predicted that at the start of things!

Check them all out here:

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