Friday, August 22, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Roster Updates and a pack for the road

Good morning, everyone!

I have updated the current players/managers list to reflect the most recent draft:

I should have the latest simulation posted by tonight as well! I'm looking forward to seeing how things are panning out across the league.

Before I head out to work, I thought I would post yesterday's pack. You know, since I kinda forgot that and all.

1990 Donruss:

Carl Yastrzemski Puzzle (31, 32, 33) - Red Sox - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!)
Mike Blowers - Yankees - Free Agent
Gene Harris - Mariners - Free Agent
Mitch Webster - Cubs - Free Agent
Julio Franco - Rangers - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!)
Gary Carter - Mets - Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
Kevin Elster - Mets - Hadsalls (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!)
Paul Molitor - Brewers - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Steve Buechele - Rangers - Free Agent
Cecilio Guante - Rangers - Free Agent
Barry Lyons - Mets - Free Agent
Kirt Manwaring - Giants - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!)
Nick Esasky - Red Sox - Workmans (Wahoo!!)
Clint Zavaras - Mariners - Free Agent
Rafael Belliard - Pirates - Dayfs (Wahoo!!)
Brian Holman - Mariners - gcrls (Wahoo!!)
Ron Kittle - White Sox - Free Agent

Wahoo!! Congrats to the Hadsalls for going back-to-back! We had a LOT of free agents in here, so they will be in the upcoming draft (which *WILL* go out today, sorry for the delay!). Congrats to the managers who scored cards this time, too. I was surprised that Kittle and Buechele were still on the list. Guess I have been doing these long enough that I think certain players are drafted because I remember them from previous years. Getting old, I suppose...

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