Friday, August 15, 2014

Hot Corner Cards: Take My Team Sets

Patrick, over at Hot Corner Cards, is having a very cool program over on his site! You see, in his effort to collect all things Tigers, he has amassed a HUGE collection of cards he wants to get rid of. So, he decided to break the cards into teams.

It all looks very cool to me! I see there are Indians in the photos, too!

What is novel about this set-up? Two options:

1. He sends you all the team cards from the team you pick, and you send him all the Tigers you have. That's right, a team-for-team swap!

2. Send him five bucks and you get the team cards. He isn't really looking for money, but some folks may prefer to go that route for various reasons.

So, head over to the Hot Corner and check this out!

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