Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Delay of Draft Penalty

Well, as you can tell, I did *NOT* run the draft last night. I ran out of gas earlier than expected, so my head was in the bed. Here is a pack for yesterday, and the draft will be run today. I need to get the draft going so I can catch up on our OOTP game! Oh, and there will be a surprise later tonight, if all goes as expected.

2014 Heritage:

Mike Minor - Braves - CaptainCanucks (Wahoo!!)
Juan Uribe - Dodgers - Night Owls (Wahoo!!)
Jon Jay - Cardinals - Superduperman99s (Wahoo!!)
Billy Hamilton/Nick Castellanos 2014 Rookie Stars - Reds/Tigers - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!)/RJBreezes (Wahoo!!)
Gerrit Cole - Pirates - Free Agent
Buster Posey Blue Border - Giants - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!)
Yoenis Cespedes Purple Refractor - A's - EG9460s (Wahoo!!)
Ivan Nova - Yankees - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)
Matt Kemp - Dodgers (Night Owls Wahoo!! x2)

I am surprised to see Cole in as a free agent. Well, he'll go in the next draft (er, after the one I am going to run today). Meanwhile, congrats to Night Owls for scoring two hits and to the other folks who pulled cards from the pack. Those purple refractors are things of beauty. Well, cardboardally-speaking, of course. And, yes, I am pretty sure I just made up a word, too. Thanks for noticing.

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