Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp14 - Opening Day!

It's Today! It's Today!

We FINALLY have an opening day for the PAD simulated games! Check out the Opening Day match-ups:
PAD News: Opening Day: It's Opening Day in PackADaily League!
The brand new pennant race begins today. The clubs are poised and primed for another new season of baseball filled with plenty of spills, chills, hits, runs, errors and homers. Another exciting season kicks off with these games:

Oregon Maddings @ Oregon Erins
Arkansas Tribecards @ Oregon ProwlingCats
Missouri Wilsons @ New York Night Owls
Illinois Superduperman99 @ Ohio GoBlues
California Arpsmiths @ California StealingHomes
New Jersey ScottCrawfordOnCards @ California DominicFDNYs
Alberta CaptainCanucks @ Texas PlayAtThePlates
California JoshDs @ Michigan PatWs
Pennsylvania NachoGrandes @ Washington DiamondKings
Utah Trhdds @ Idaho Chonks
Indiana MySportsObsessions @ Illinois JediJeffs
Minnesota GCRLs @ Ontario Jennings
New Jersey Hadsalls @ Ohio TSHensons
Ontario Kazis @ Iowa Pedersejs
Wisconsin Thorzuls @ Texas BackstopCards
New York BoRosnys @ Kentucky Quarrys
Georgia Dayfs @ Arizona ThoughtsAndSox
Arkansas PatrickSmiths @ Pennsylvania BCs
Illinois EG9460s @ Illinois PTownToms
Florida Workmans @ California RyanGs
Maryland CaptainKirk42s @ Virginia Dawgbones
Illinois Jafronius @ Texas RJBreezes
I want to let it be known that the program set the schedule. In case you don't know, the Maddings and the Erins have a special connection, and they are slated to go head-to-head as the Opening Day opening game! haha! That is awesome!

The files that show everything in the league will take a LONG time to upload (more than 3 hours) over my stupid CenturyLink connection, so for now, I have uploaded the final results of the Opening Day games.
NOTE: the menus do *NOT* work on the results page. They will eventually, just not today!
Here are the results: http://tribecards.bugs3.com/ScoreboardMondayApril1st2013.html

Now, we need to open a pack of cards!! How about 2013 Opening Day in honor of our own Opening Day!

Ike Davis - Mets - Free Agent
Ivan Nova - Yankees - Free Agent
Jimmy Rollins - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Derek Jeter Lenticular - Yankees - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)

Zack Greinke - Dodgers - JoshDs (Wahoo!!)
Andre Ethier - Dodgers - Trhdds (Wahoo!!)
Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)

Awesome! We started off slow, but then went 5-for-5 on drafted players! That Jeter card is pretty sweet. Nice pull!!  As it turns out, the first three managers are 1-0 on the OOTP season, and the last two managers to pull cards today are 0-1 after Opening Day. Well, at least all of you scored a card!


  1. I think it's funny how it also pit 2 White Sox fans (both Jeffs too) against each other (myself and JediJeff) although we know the only reason JediJeff won is because he is in Illinois (Chicago), the computer is playing favorites, I demand a recount.

    This is fun, looking forward to this. Kudos to this years break.

  2. I think my 13-0 victory is indicative of things to come. Watch out world, the Royals are coming to get you!

    So what if you have Jackie Robinson or Steve Carlton. I HAVE STEVE BALBONI.

  3. WAHOO!
    The Stealing Homes beat the Arpsmiths on Opening Day. I love it!

  4. Pretty sure the Erins are juicing.

  5. Hahaha! These kinds of responses are why I come up with the crazy giveaways projects that I do! You folks is crazy! Love it!

  6. One of the few pro teams (the Jazz) that I actively hate plays their home games in Utah, so it was especially sweet to take the opener from a Utah-based team.

    I know you said the links and menus wouldn't work, but that didn't stop me from trying them all out. I want to see my box scores something fierce.

  7. Oh, its on! 6-1 thrashing of them plate luvin' Texans