Thursday, April 3, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Riders on the Storm

Good evening! As I write this, Texas has been pummeled (literally) by baseball-sized hail. The storms tearing through Arkansas have skirted my little town, but we expect things to get pretty bad during the late night.

I am still getting the OOTP draft back in working order after the crash. I just hate that I had finished the thing and it was scouting when it crashed! AUGH!  So, slowly, I've been going back and entering everyone's picks. That's okay, once we get rolling, this should be a lot of fun on the OOTP side of things.

As for the car... Well, I was told that I was lucky the fan hadn't broken apart yet and that the service tech was shocked that the assembly was still together (and not sure, exactly, HOW it was holding together). So, a day later, a crying bank account later, and a slew of praises to God later, I have my '09 Charger back and purring (versus sounding like a defective helicopter).

I am at my home computer, so I have the draft picks thus far handy!

Tonight, we're busting open a pack of 2012 Topps Series One

Craig Kimbrel - Braves - Captain Canucks 
Vernon Wells - Angels - Free Agent
Matt Cain - Giants - Arpsmiths

Joe DiMaggio Golden Greats Grand Finale - Yankees - JediJeffs
Frank Robinson Gold Standard - Orioles - CaptainKirk42s
Jeremy Moore - Angels - Free Agent

Kevin Gregg - Orioles - Free Agent
Alex Liddi - Mariners - Free Agent

Wahoo! Congrats to the managers snagging up players for your collections! I can't wait to see these players "in action" once we get things rolling with OOTP!


  1. I spent $500 on car repairs yesterday. That's like 6-1/2 boxes of cards! Boooo! It's no Charger, though, that's for sure.

  2. having put somewhere close to a grand in my car in the last month, I feel your pain! Mine should go at least another 100,000 miles now though!

  3. Misery loves company, that's for sure! My car has 126,000 miles on it and this is really the first "major" thing to go wrong. I can't complain at all - especially since things could have been worse. Much worse. I don't even want think about how many boxes of cards I could have bought... Or better yet, how many packages from LAST year's giveaway I could have finally sent off.