Sunday, April 6, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Just Keep Moving Forward

Hey, everyone! I have the first Tribecards draft done. I've decided to move forward with things and let OOTP catch up when it can. What that means is that managers should check their email for a message from me about their current picks, etc.

Since I know some of my readers like to see what's happening, but not take part in the giveaway, here is the link to the current Manager/Player picks:

A few notes (and then we are busting some wax!):

Because OOTP requires me to assign players every round (even when the manager did not have a player to be picked), randomly chosen players were assigned to certain draft rounds. As you look through the list, you may wonder who on earth would pick Howdy Caton!? Well, I did. Randomly. And then assigned him to whatever team was next in the draft that had no more players pre-selected. The Ontario Jennings are a great example of this. The manager picked ONE player for her list. So, the rest of the slots were randomly filled in order to fill out her team.

No worries, though. We'll get to trades, moves, etc down the road.

I ran into other issues as well such as players with same name, but i wasn't sure which player the manager(s) wanted. They have been contacted and we will sort things out if/how needed.

Now, let's rip open a pack and see what's inside!

1992 Stadium Club Series One

Allan Anderson - Twins - Free Agent
Ken Caminiti - Astros - BackstopCards (Wahoo!)
Dave Magadan - Mets - Free Agent
Gary Wayne - Twins - Free Agent
John Kruk - Philles (miscut) - Free Agent
Pat Borders - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!)
Todd Van Poppel - A's - Free Agent

Mike Gallego - A's - Free Agent
Al Leiter - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Cando Maldonado - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Kevin Brown - Brewers - Free Agent
Bernard Gilkey - Cardinals - Free Agent
Shane Mack - Twins - Free Agent
Kevin Reimer - Rangers - Free Agent
Ricky Bones - Padres - Free Agent

I was missing my "Wahoo!" when we scored a hit, so I'm putting it back in. I think we need to celebrate a little when a manager snags a card! Speaking of, congratulations to just two of our managers today. We sure got a lot of free agents, though. That's not a bad thing when it comes to this giveaway!

I'll have a draft ready soon for all the unclaimed players we've revealed so far. And, this year, I will send emails to managers to let you know when the draft takes place. No more hit-and-miss with blog post rollouts!

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  1. We have our first trade of the season. Jeff from the Indiana MySportsObsessions has agreed to trade Joe Crede and Luis Aparico to the Illinois JediJeffs in return for Paul Konerko and Chris Sale. It appears the JediJeffs are clearing salary cap space in an attempt to land a coveted free agent.

    (Is it too early in the pack ripping season to start swapping players?)