Thursday, April 17, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Goin' Clubbin'

I figured since the rage online these days is to post something that is related to a "Throwback Thursday," I'd do one here as well. We're not going too far back this time. Let's step back to 1992. And, let's go clubbin' - Stadium Club-bin', that is.

1992 Stadium Club Series One

Chris Sabo - Reds - Free Agent
Steve Finley - Astros - Backstop Cards (Wahoo!!)
Gene Larkin - Twins - Free Agent
Scott Lewis - Angels - Free Agent
Kirt Manwaring - Giants - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!)
Geno Petralli - Rangers - Free Agent
Trevor Wilson - Giants - Free Agent

Tony Fernandez - Padres - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Mike Sharperson - Dodgers - Free Agent
Devon White - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Jeff Russell - Rangers - Free Agent

Dante Bichette - Brewers - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Mark Wohlers - Braves - Free Agent
Jamie Quirk - A's - Free Agent

Wow! Congrats to the Kazis who pulled two cards out of this pack! Also, congratulations to the other managers who snagged cards for their collections - or for trade fodder!

Tomorrow (Friday), I will post up-to-date game results in the OOTP league, so everyone can see how their team is doing.  I am planning to open the draft on Friday evening, but we will just have to see how things go. Sometime this weekend, though, the draft will open up!

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  1. It makes me sad when I see a non-Rockie Dante Bichette card, but I'll take it.