Saturday, April 5, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Circus is Right

Good Grief. I have gone through 99.99% of the inaugural draft in OOTP. Some players did not exist in the '14 version, so I am creating them and will assign them to the appropriate drafted team (Ex: Taillon). I don't think that will take too long. BUT, the game crashes as soon as I pick the final spot in the draft. The game starts to "scout" players, even though I said no scouting should be done. I have posted to the forum, so we'll see how that goes.

Once I have the created players assigned to teams, that at least should let me generate rosters for what I have. I will then post those. Managers will have opportunity to set starting line-ups, etc. Also, managers can arrange trades and/or release players outright. Since the draft is not officially done because of the crashing, I can't assign players currently still in the draft-mode to any teams. Yeah, it's a weird thing. We'll get through it.

None of that affects cards you get, though. If a player is on your roster and you pull that player's card(s), you get the card(s). We'll look into trading once I can get past the draft.

Tonight is a short but sweet pack. I have a 2012 Silver Foil wrapper with an "Exclusive Patch Card Inside!"

Let's see what we have tonight:

Bob Gibson - Cardinals - Pedersejs

Wow! That is one cool-looking patch card! I usually don't care for the manupatches, but that looks great! Congrats to Pedersej!


  1. I still don't understand the whole OOTP thing. Exactly what are we supposed to do with lineups?

  2. Have all 44 managers (or whatever number it is) setting their lineups sounds like an awful amount of work for you. I would like to suggest that you should just have the "computer" set the lineups. The OOTP artificial intelligence usually does a fair enough job at setting the lineups from the given rosters. Then you could just post a screen shot of the standings from time-to-time.

  3. Adam, I am running (er, TRYING to run) a simulated baseball season alongside the pack breaks. It's just a fun way to tie the pack breaks into a simulated baseball season. So far, though, it's been much more headache than fun. :-( Tom, I agree after messing with the game just trying to get it going. I think I will let the system run line-ups, subs, etc. I should still be able to control adding players, etc. I dunno, I may have to forego the OOTP tie-in for this year and get a jump on next year. Or, I may have to wait for '15 to come out and see if that fixes some of the bugs I seem to be running into. I am trying to make OOTP do things no one else has, so far as I can tell. haha!