Friday, April 25, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Bonus Draft

Sorry, folks. Keep nodding off at the keyboard. I will have to pick this up in the morning. I will open multiple packs to cover the delay.

Bonus Draft Notes:

  1. The goofy TypeForm system did not record all picks. It recorded my first two drop-down picks but then nothing until my write-ins. Several other folks were missing drop-down picks but had write-ins. i don't know if those folks actually did not do any drop-downs or if the system hosed their picks like it did mine. 
    1. As a matter of problem resolution, I used the results as they were. Managers can try to work out trades for any players they did not get, but someone else did.
  2. Any players listed that are already owned by someone were removed from the draft. 
    1. That list of players includes:
      1. Tommy Lasorda (owned by GCRLs)
      2. Jesse Barfield (owned by Kazis)
      3. Phil Niekro (owned by dayfs)
      4. Wilin Rosario (owned by ProwlingCats)
      5. J.R. Richard (owned by MySportsObsession)
      6. Johnny Bench (owned y Trhdds)
      7. Clint Barmes  (owned by Superduperman99s)
      8. Jose Canseco (owned by Kazis)
      9. Ted Kluszewski (owned by Thorzuls)
      10. Carlton Fisk (owned by ThoughtsAndSox)
      11. aj pierzynski  (owned by MySportsObsession)
      12. Jeff Cirillo (owned by Thorzuls)
      13. Dave Kingman (owned by FDNYs)
      14. Mo Vaughn (owned by ThoughtsAndSox)
      15. Derrick Gibson (owned by PatrickSmiths)
      16. Al Oliver (owned by RJBreezes)
      17. Colby Rasmus (owned by Wilsons)
      18. Mickey Rivers (owned by Play at the Plate)
      19. George Foster (owned by Backstop Cards)
  3. Any empty spaces were collapsed before the draft. Ex: 1 pick, 3 spaces, 2 picks. After the collapsing fix, it would be 1 pick, 2 pick, 3 pick with NO spaces between.
As I said, I will pick this up in the morning...

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