Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tribecards wRappers - the Lost Season

I haven't posted about the Tribecards wRappers, my fantasy baseball team on Yahoo, in a long while. In fact, I am not even sure I posted about them at all this season. In reality, I forgot all about them. It shows. My team is in 5th place. Oh sure, that might sound good until you learn we have 6 teams in the league this season.

I have no excuse, as their manager, for neglecting my team. I just forgot I was even in fantasy baseball this year.  Of course, leaving them alone for most of the season has resulted in pretty much the same standings as when I actively participate, so that says a lot right there!

I probably won't be invited back next season, but if I am, I pledge to be a better manager. "Pledge" is a strong word. Let's go with "will consider trying" instead. I don't want to raise their hopes up too high.

Oh, the local news station asked what I would buy first if I won $320M in the PowerBall.  Though I would pay bills first, my first actual purchase: Indians Baseball Fantasy Camp next year. No contest.

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