Saturday, August 25, 2012

Takin names and haulin' wax

I recently took part in Thorzul's "Mondo Break" - choosing the Indians, of course.  Prices were set based on the team you selected, or more specifically the number of cards you would get. Buyers did not know the number of cards ahead of time.  I think I made out pretty well, overall.

First up, a Rocky Covalito game-used bat and two Vizquel bat cards.  I've gone through tons of the Vizquel cards. In fact, I probably have duplicates in my Indians giveaway box now. Well, I do now for sure - Haha! 

Next up, two Thome swatches: one #'d to 800, the other #'d to 400.  I am sending the #/400 to Baseball Dad under an arranged agreement.  Namely, he asked for it and I said he could have it. Haha!

Now, these two next cards were not part of the Mondo break, but rather were extras that Thorzul was giving away. I am a Penguins fan and thought the Crosby would be cool to have for a while (until it makes its way into some future contest/giveaway) and the cereal checklist was just a fun thing to have.  Of course, what makes it special is the "1st Annual Collectors' Edition" on the back. Why? There is no such thing as "1st Annual."  It is either the 1st *OR* you've done it more than once, thus "Annual."  Sure, it's a matter of semantics, but one that has always tweaked a particular nerve.

Thanks, Thorzul! That was fun.


  1. Hey, thanks !! If it's that easy, I want them all !! JUST kidding,the Gaylord Perry should be headed your way next week.

    1. Haha, well, it basically is that easy - generally depending on whether or not I need the card myself... Or whether or not someone is sending me a cool bobblehead. :-) Seriously, though, if you need one of the Vizquel, let me know. I've got that one for sure. The Covalito is mine. haha!