Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cards from across the pond

JackPlumstead, as many of you know him best, sent an email a while ago, asking if I would like to have some cards.  Naturally, I took him up on the offer!  I am putting a package to send to him of some Red Sox cards.  When I got home the other day, the package had arrived!

The bubbleope was full of cards!  I am scanning a sampling of them, but I took a picture of all them just so you can see the variation and quantity! WOW!

Some of the cards are already in my collection, but there are several in here (like the Metal Fusion Lofton and the Niekro, for example) that I don't think I've seen before.  Of course, with 10,000+ Indians cards, it's easy to not recognize some, right?

THANK YOU, John!! These were great to go through and I can't wait to see which ones are added to the Tribecards Collection!

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