Sunday, August 5, 2012

182 Packs of baseball - 123 - Easy as A-B-C

Any time I can get a Michael jackson reference in there, I'll go for it. Such is the case for tonight's subtitle.  It really is that simple sometimes.

The pack for this Sunday's adventure come from 1997: Pinnacle New Hobby.

Wil Cordero - Red Sox
Craig Biggio - Astros
Sandy Alomar Jr - Indians - WAHOO!!
Wilton Guerrero - Dodgers Rookie
Mark Grudzielanek - Expos
Manny Ranirez - Indians - WAHOO!! That's TWO!
Alex Rodriguez - Mariners
Carlos Baerga - Mets
Barry Bonds (Giants) and Alex Rodriguez (Mariners) - East Meets West
Juan Guzman - Blue Jays

The Bonds/A-Rod is a double! There were two Tribers in the pack, too! That is great! What's not great is a storm that raged through central Arkansas, taking barns, trees, trampolines, and who knows what else with it. Prayers go out to those affected. As for me, my only "loss" is connectivity speed. So, no pics - again. Yeesh.

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