Wednesday, August 8, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 126 - Livin La Vida Logo

It's the middle of the week, which has no real significance on the pack-opening, but I thought I would point it out anyway.  On a much more relevant note: the US pulled a cool one-two punch in Women's Beach Volleyball by snagging Gold and Silver.  I'm actually still trying to figure out why some events are Olympic events and others aren't. I think they should put baseball back in.

As we celebrate the USA's medal count, I'm busting open a pack of 2010 Upper Deck (unauthorized by the MLB) Series 1.

Chris Pettit - Angels
David Murphy - Rangers
Neil Walker - Pirates
Matt Diaz - Braves
Shane Victorino - Phillies
Daniel Bard - Red Sox
Jesse Litsch - Blue Jays
Johan Santana - Mets
Doug Davis - Diamondbacks
Ryan Howard - Phillies - Season Biography
Mike Aviles - Royals
Kenshin Kawakami - Braves
Chad Durbin - Phillies
Jesse Chavez - Rays
Kevin Slowey - Twins
Orioles Team Checklist
Delmon Young - Twins
Ballparks - Chicago White Sox

I wonder just how much a logo you can show before it crosses the line. I know UD got in trouble for many of the photos they used due to logo infractions, but I am curious.  Considering how much airbrushing used to happen, especially on oddball sets, it is a wonder that UD didn't just edit these.  Hmm, when did Photoshop/ping become a verb?

PS - I feel a parody coming on now that I've created the subtitle. "Photo shop them out, livin la vida logo. U D got called out, livin la vida logo. They're livin la vida logo..." Sure, it's bad.

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